Haakon Andreas Ikonomou

Haakon Andreas Ikonomou

Tenure Track Adjunkt

My academic interests are international organizations, global governance, international bureaucracy and diplomacy, European integration and capitalism, Scandinavian internationalism, post-Ottomanism and Greco-Turkish interwar relations, digital history, oral history and biography.

I am heading the DFF-funded collective project "Autonomy and Expertise in International Administrations, 1940s-1970s" (RP1).

I have recently completed the digital history project Visualizing the League of Nations Secretariat - A Digital Research Tool,.
- The research tool is freely available at VISUALEAGUE.

Together with a stellar team of historians, computer scientists and students, we have also developed the League of Nations Secretariat Research Guide (in collaboration with the UN Library & Archives Geneva)

In the pipeline for 2023/24, are five publications:

- Ikonomou, Haakon A. “Beyond the Bounds of Order: Security, Disarmament, and International Law, 1919-1935” in Haakon A. Ikonomou, Karin van Leeuwen and Morten Rasmussen (eds.) Organizing the International Through Law. The League of Nations and International Law, 1919-1939 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, in review).

- The special issue Scandinavian Internationalist Diplomacy, co-edited with Andreas Hellenes (Chalmers), Carl Marklund (Södertörn) and Rasmus Sinding Søndergaard (DIIS), with Diplomatica: A journal of diplomacy and society (Brill).

- The monograph The International Bureaucrat in the Twentieth Century - A Global Biography of Thanassis Aghnides (under contract).


I am Review and Online Media Editor of Diplomatica: A journal of diplomacy and society (Brill), co-founder and steering committee member of Global Biography Working Group (GloBio), and co-director of the "Europe and International Cooperation in the 20th Century" (EIC) research group at the Centre for Modern European Studies (CEMES).


Supervised MA theses:

Mette Hedegaard Voss "Dansk samhandel med Sovjetunionen i overgangen til Den Kolde Krig", Spring 2022

Faegh Zamani and Zilas Nøhr Ladefoged "Danske mediers fremstilling af terrorisme", Spring 2022

Bjørn Friis Hegedüs and Oliver Bengtson Oemig "'STOP THE STEAL' - Donald Trump og de historiske rødder i hans brug af konspirationsteorier og populistisk retorik på Twitter i perioden 2015-2021", Spring 2022

Hanne von Wowern “Fri bevægelighed og fodbold. En undersøgelse af interaktionen mellem EU og UEFA i 1980’erne for at sikre professionelle fodboldspillere retten til frit at udøve deres erhverv inden for EU”, Fall 2022.

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