Emil Eiby Seidenfaden

Emil Eiby Seidenfaden


Medlem af:

    Jeg er specialiseret inden for europæisk historie i det 20. århundrede. Jeg har arbejdet med internationalt samarbejdes historie i mellemkrigstiden, pressehistorie og propagandaens historie. Jeg interesserer mig særligt for krydsfeltet mellem journalistik, propaganda og public diplomacy.

    Aktuel forskning

    In my current project I examine how Scandinavian foreign affairs journalists reimagined their profession in the earliest post-war period 1945-1948. I capitalise on insights from my earlier work on the work and network of Danish journalists in war-exile in Britain (many such exile journalists became leading foreign affairs journalists in postwar Denmark), but I move into new ground by applying an intellectual history angle, and a cross-Scandinavian comparative approach in the post-war period. You can read more about my project here.

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