21. november 2016

New director at CTR

Eva Andersson Strand

From January 1, 2017 Eva Andersson Strand will take charge as CTR director after Marie-Louise Nosch.

“It has been eleven exiting years, but it is now time to pass on the responsibilities to Eva Andersson Strand who also holds the first university lectureship in textile archaeology,” says Marie-Louise Nosch who will now have more time for her own research, teaching, and collaborations.

The CTR team warmly thanks all colleagues and friends for collaboration and support during the past eleven years. Thank you also for celebrating with us our jubilee on November 11th.

CTR will go into its 3rd phase as Center for Textile Research, Saxo institute, University of Copenhagen with new goals and challenges, and with the clear aim to carry on encouraging and supporting textile research.

We look forward to future collaborations, in particular with the National Museum of Denmark and senior researcher Ulla Mannering and her wonderful colleagues.

Eva Andersson Strand and Marie-Louise Nosch