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Jeppe Engset Høst

Jeppe Engset Høst


Postdoc research :

My current research examines the interplay between cities and rural areas, and in particular the rising importance of the cultural economy. What are the implications new forms of industries for rural development and for the new ways to live in rural areas. A central question is what role "place" and the "local" play in food production and in tourism, and I study small niche producers in contrast to the established "agro-food business". How do they organize a meaningful practice faced with the financial challenges and large-scale production in the dominant "agro-food" sector.

Research interests: Entrepreneurship, food chains, food production, rural development, tourism, life-modes.

PhD Thesis:

Captains of Finance (see publications)

My PhD project examines change in Danish coastal communities in the last decades. The main objective is to study how marine management influences social organisation, fishing as an occupation, rural development, cultural heritage and people's image of coastal areas and harbors.

In further detail, my project focus on a management system based on individualization and marketisation of fishing rights. I study this as a governance technique and as a conflict between differents way to organise fisheries, either as large scale industrial fisheries or as small artisinal fisheries. 

Research interests: EU common fisheries policy, maritime ethnology, food production, nature and culture relations, states and life-modes. 

ID: 5652756