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Chaucer, Gower and the Tale of Constance

Middelaldercentret holder frokostmøde.

Professor Graham Caie (University of Glasgow, English Literature and Linguistics)
holder oplæg med titlen “Chaucer, Gower and the Tale of Constance”.

Alle er velkomne.


Geoffrey Chaucer’s thinking and approach to poetry and life changed radically after the turbulent events in London and his personal life in the 1380s.

I hope to show the influence John Gower had on his work, giving him confidence to be an auctor rather than a mere compilator and how Chaucer in turn influenced Gower.

I believe there are clues in Chaucer’s ‘Tale of Constance’ in The Man of Law’s Tale which reinforce this theory. At the same time as using a literary text to shed light on its author, I’d like to use biographical information about Chaucer and Gower to rescue Chaucer’s MLT from the dismal press it’s received over the centuries.