Bridging the Gap

The Lost Centuries of Cypriot Archaeology between Rome and the Crusaders

The project is financed by the Research Executive Agency (REA) at the EU Commission, as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship.

About the project

The project aims to bridge the so-called gap of five centuries in Cypriot archaeology (mid 7th-12th centuries AD), and develop a methodology that can be used to bridge similar gaps in the eastern Mediterranean. Read more....

Research Framework

An attempt to fill some of the gap of nearly five centuries in Cypriot archaeology, between the collapse of Roman control in the mid- 7th century and the incorporation of Cyprus into  the Crusader Levant in the 12th century. Read more...

Approach and Methodology

We suggest that there are three paths that should be followed in order to chart chronological progression of pottery relying only on the vessels themselves, as is necessary in gap periods. Read more...

Mind the Gap!

International Workshop 29 - 30th June 2018 in Copenhagen
Participation is free and open to all
The workshop will be accessible online through Adobe Connect
Read the program and other details on the Workshop website