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Photo Exhibition

Refugees - Photo Exhibition

SAXO Videncenter, building 12 and 13B, KUA2, Karen Blixens Vej 4

The photo exhibition is the result of 4 months of intensive fieldwork in Furesø and tells the stories of 16 refugees from Somalia, Syria, and Eritrea.
The research project, which is presented in the publication that accompanies the exhibition, aims at showing refugees as who they are: human beings with a difficult and traumatic past.

The exhibition is one of the results of fieldwork conducted in 2015, which collected personal stories of refugees.
It is composed of: a portrait of the informant; a picture of an object that
was carried throughout their journey, and

which represents part of the informants identity; and a map, which was drawn by the informant.

The maps and the objects were used as key elements to better connect with the informant and his/her story. While providing a stratagem to avoid repetition in the narration of the story, they also became a key element in the unfolding of their personal narrative. 

The exhibition is located on the two different floors of the library, starting on the second floor, continuing through the first floor in the section for ancient languages, and finishing in the ethnographic section.  

The project was developed by cultural analyst Inanna Riccardi, a former student of MACA, for the Immigration Museum in Farum.

The exhibition will be on show until the 28th of February 2017

Arranged in co-operation with ‘Formidlingsudvalget´`The Saxo-Institute