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Raise the cap: an early modern mystery

Historical knitting seminar arranged by KEME (Knitting early modern Europe)

27 February  (11am-4pm) and 28 February (9am to 3pm)

Experiential & Experimental Archaeology Lab (room 12-­4-­68)
Centre for Textile Research, The Saxo Institute
University of Copenhagen, Karen Blixens vej 4, 2300 Copenhagen S

(Including practical information and maps to get there)

The Centre for Textile Research is pleased to announce a second seminar on historical knitting on Mon 27 & Tues 28 February. The event is open to all – scholars, students, enthusiasts – and is free.
It includes an update on Jane Malcolm-Davies’s research project: Knitting in Early Modern Europe (KEME), with several practical activities, including an experimental archaeology workshop exploring how different yarns perform when fulled.

 If you would like to join the event, please RSVP as soon as possible. There is also an opportunity to bring your own knitted sample to use during the experimental archaeology workshop. Please let us know if you would like to receive the instructions for this. 

 A unique aspect of the project is that we are recruiting spinners and knitters to the KEME Team as contributors to the experimental archaeology project. The first stage involves looking at the data collected (mostly photographic) and then spinning and/or knitting samples to try to replicate the specifications of the fleece and yarn in the archaeological evidence.
Please email Dr Jane Malcolm-­Davies (organiser) -­ jmalcolm-­davies@hum.ku.dk -
to register your interest in the event or to find out more about the KEME Team and the experimental archaeology activities, which will begin on 1 March 2017.